Athanasopoulou Ioanna, BSc, MSc,
Nutritionist Dietitian - Glyfada Athens.
Studied at Surrey and King's College London University, United Kingdom.
Agg. Metaxa 14, Glyfada.

Through this webpage you can receive dietetic advice and diet plans and be informed concerning health and nutritional issues. Our goal is to give scientific, practical and personalised advice either with an appointment at the office in Glyfada or via web, in order for you to optimise your nutrition and health.


Ioanna Athanasopoulou, nutritionist dietitian:
-Studied BSc Nutrition at the University of Surrey,
-MSc Health Education and Health Promotion at King's College London, and at
-Charokopeio University Athens became a State Registered Dietician.
-She is always up to date, including continuing Professional Education.
-She has undergone the Minnesota National Maternal Intensive Course and the Breastfeeding Training which is approved by the commission in dietetic registration.
-She has done internships at Rethymnon County Hospital, Gennimata General Hospital, Korgialeneio-Benakeio General Hospital and Aglaia Kyriakou Children's Hospital.
-She has worked since 2003 as a freelance dietician and holds her dietetic practice at Glyfada - Athens.
-She participates and speaks in several conferences and symposiums concerning nutrition, writes articles in several Greek Magazines.
-She is a member of the American Dietetics Association, British Nutrition Association and of Panhellenic Dietetic Association.

-The latest scientific recommendations
-The individual nutritional and medical history
-Always having as a first thought your health
-Your nutritional preferences
-Building an individualised Nutritional Plan according your lifestyle for example:
Lunch at the office and main meal late at home
Social or bussiness meals
Studying close or away from home
Need for quick but healthy solutions of food e.g. if you do not have enough time to cook

PRICES: usually the cost is 45 euros for 2 week plan which consists of the body composition measurement (e.g. fat percentage, water, metabolistm etc), a weight measurement after the 1st week and a diet plan of 2 weeks

For more information call: 2108956018


At first we book an appointment, at our appointment we will ask you a questionaire about your food preferences, medical history relevant to your nutrition and what is your goal, then we will make a body fat and body composition measurement and at last we will make a two week diet plan fully measured and specialised for you.
At the Dietetic Office at Glyfada - Athens
For more information call: 2108956018


Weight loss

Diet for Weight Maintenance

Diet during Pregnancy, maternal diet

Breastfeeding diet

Diet for mothers who breastfeed and their babies have allrgies e.g. Allergic proctocolitis

Weight Loss during lactation

Diet for Hight Cholesterol and Triglycerides

Clinical Nutrition

Vegan and vegeterian diet

Nutrition for children, diet plans for childhood obesity

For additional information call: 2108956018

Nutritional Advice - Blog

Advice for high cholesterol hypercholesterolemia:

In order to have optiumum health and to have lower cardiovascular risk it is advisable to keep our cholesterol up to 200mg/dL.
Your daily diet can help in most cases to lower your cholasterol, nevertheless this is not always the case when hypercholesterolemia is herreditary. With our diet, in order to achive lower values of cholesterol we need to be careful not only to diminish foods that elevate cholesterol levels, but also we need to eat more of those foods that help your body to lower cholesterol. To be more precise, we need to avoid foods with high fat content especialy animal fat, so we prefer
-Skim milk/yoghurt and cheese with about 5-15% fat content.
-Meat with the lowest amount of fat, without skin e.g. it is preferable to choose fillet or chicken breast.
Moreover, we need to eat red meat just once per week or once every fortnight (according to our blood test and our iron levels).