Nutritional Information

  • Cholesterol and nutrition

    Healthy cholesterol levels are important in order to diminish the danger of cardiovascular disease. It is better to keep the colesterol levels up to 200mg/d.

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  • Calcium in our diet

    Calcium is one of the most important mineral in our body, it is present more than any other mineral. It is present in our bones and teeth. Many people and mostly women do not take enough calcium, in order to prevent osteoporosis. A well balanced diet together with exercise is important for our bones and to help maximise our bone density during childhood and puberty. Bone density has to do with calcium intake especially during growth (until about the age of 20), but still after that we need calcium to maintain our bone density as much as possible.

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Diet via e-mail, Fax or with the post Express/Bussiness

This way is convenient for people that are either away from the office of dietplan or are very busy ir just prefer this way better than office appointments.

- 2 Week Diet Plan - 35 euros
- 4 Week Diet Plan - 60 euros


  1. Fill in the questionaire that you may ask sending an email to or calling 2108956018 or 6947308486.
  2. Deposit the according money via PayPal (at the end of the webpage).
  3. Let us know with an email that you have deposited the money.
  4. We send you the Diet Plan either the same day or the next working day.
  5. We mail you your receipt at the address that you have given us in the questionaire.


You can download the questionaire pressing the following button:

Information concerning the diet plan:

    - At first you fill in the questionaire from which we understand how the diet can be formed concerning you nutritional preferences, lifestyle (e.g. lunch outside home) and according to your doctor's instructions if any.


  • - The diet plan is based on the preferences that you have described and on the recomendations of the World Health Organisation as well as the Mediterranean Diet.
  • - It is important that we stay in touch through emails in order to check your progress, which we try to make as convenient for you as possible.



Payment with PayPal
Diet Plan via Internet